Friday, August 19, 2011

2nd Bantu Knot Out/Maternity Dress Remixed

Hey ladies!

As you all know, I posted my birthday outfit (the other way around outfit) last week. If you're a long time reader, you know that is something I normally don't do. I save the outfits for Ex-Thrift Store Snob (which I've been seriously neglecting) which I started last spring after falling in love with thrift stores. I went out on a whim & just decided to post the 'fit on here & I got some great feedback from you guys! Thanks so much! :-) I have to admit I was a little nervous about the reaction I would get. So a few days ago I posted on the fan page about combining HairGurl with my other blog, Ex-Thrift Store Snob. It would be so much easier. HG will not be turning into a fashion blog though. I would love to just add in my style sometimes. So anyway... The consensus on Facebook voted yes so here's my 2nd attempt to combine hair with my very inexpensive outfits...but first the hair. 
This is the bantu knot out I wore for the hubs birthday on Monday. This time I used DIY Apricot Mango Extra Rich Butter on my hair after it dried....smells divine & made my hair feel so moisturized.
I pinned up one side w/ bobby pins.
Ya'll remember this dress? This is the only maternity dress I bought while being preggie. Got it from Burlington Coat Factory for $10. I actually bought this dress and my I Love My Bump shirt (for $5 from Burlington Coat Factory too). I found that I didn't like most maternity clothes so I just sized up in my regular clothes. I tied a knot into my maternity dress after getting the idea from here. :-) I love it & I think I'm gonna keep it tied like this. This is a great idea if you're looking to spice up your maxi dress and show off some leg. haha.
Although you can't see it that well, this is a diy dress that I made into a handbag last summer. I'll post a better pic in another post. I got the idea from Love Maegan. :-)
My 93 cents NYC Times Square Tangerine Creme nail polish

So...what do you ladies think??? It's too hard keeping up with HairGurl, The Leo Duo, and the Ex-Thrift Store Snob...and ya'll know HairGurl isn't going anywhere. ;-)  I won't be doing these all of the time. Just when I want to show off a outfit/diy project/accessory I got for the low. Please let me know your thoughts! Yay or nay??

Sidenote: Here's some of the about me section from ETSS to give you an idea on what I'll be posting:

Here's the deal...I started ETSS in the Spring of 2010 to document my thrifty, stylish finds in the middle of brokedome. The hubs and I moved to a smaller apartment in VA (right down the street from an amazing thrift store!) to save money & I recently stopped working full-time to pursue my dream career. Now that we've made our final move to Houston, the thrift store hunts continue. I love a good deal on clothes so it's not odd to see me shopping at Ross or Marshall's & Forever 21. Even though I love a good deal, I never really gave thrift stores a chance. I grew up going to yard sales and flea markets with my mama, but somehow I strayed away from that stuff. I would always think.... "Meh...I don't want to wear somebody's old clothes." Funny how things change. Welcome to my world of $1 belts and 50 cent blazers! You'll never want to leave. ;-)

Sidenote: This blog will document my thrift store outfits & outfits that I already own. No, I don't want to work in the fashion industry. I just want to take photos of my outfit deals . I'm extremely cheap so you may not see a lot of designer wear on here. I'm not into labels... This blog is to encourage other thrift store snobs to give thrift stores a chance. I get so tired of seeing articles that say "get this outfit for under $200." That's NOT a deal! I'm going to show you some deals....

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