Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quick Do You Naturally Expo Recap

I'll be giving away a BB Tropical Roots gift set at the Summer Affair!

Didn't get a chance to ask the artist's name, but these are fly, huh?

I was sweating profusely. It was hot in that gym....These were the lovely ladies of Sporty Afros. They were so sweet!

 L.Michelle & I. L spoke on a panel discussion about natural hair & even gave me a shout out! I tried to take pics of the panel, but they all came out dark. : \

As usual, Khloa was the star of the day. haha.

So the roadtrip to Austin went well. We left Houston late in the morning due to being extremely tired. Yes...we're still adjusting to Khlo Face ya'll. I thought there would be more vendors at the expo, but I didn't sweat it because I got to finally meet L. Michelle. We know each other through our blogs & it was great to meet her in real life. She'll be at the Summer Affair so you ladies will get the chance to meet her as well. In the meantime, check out her blogs My Hair is Me & Musings of L.Michelle Of course, we talked like we'd been knowing each other forever. I can ramble, lol. Did I ever tell ya'll that the hubs said that I blog because I talk a lot?? A little truth in it. ;-) #thecolorpurple

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alexandria said...

I am just now seeing out picture! Loves it!! It was great meeting you as well!! We miss Austin!!