Monday, November 07, 2011

The Fashion Fierce Party III Recap!

So last Sunday Katie from The Mac Styles & I attended The Fashion Fierce Party III at Grooves Restaurant in downtown Houston. I was invited to cover the event for It was definitely a night of creative & fun vendors, great music, & a runway show featuring some fabulous designs. Check out the pics below!

Loving Katie's hair from the The Mac Styles. She's natural now! ;-)

Ashley was such a cutie pie & I really liked a lot of her jewelry (especially the earrings) which by the way she designs herself. Check out her website at!

The purse in the middle had my name all over it! lol So unique.

Nicole from Guilty Pleasure Cosmetics really schooled me on primer. I've been meaning to buy some primer, but just haven't gotten around to doing it. I always hear concealer can be used as a primer to cover large pores...and my pores are huge & constantly seep oil. : \ When i get up in the morning my face is shiny as hell especially my t-zone. #oilyskin

Here's Rebecca & I from OrGano Gold. Okay, please excuse the flash over my mouth. Those 'dots' show up in the weirdest places in my photos. This organic coffee was good & I am NOT a coffee drink. I tried the OrGano Gold Gourmet Latte which is 100% certified organic ganoderma lucidum red mushrooms. The ganoderma lucidum is known for providing more energy, supporting the immune system, & supporting circultion. The hubs & I have been talking about investing in a coffee maker. We need something to wake us up for Khlo Face's early morning risings. She's killing us. lol And let me remind ya'll, we are not coffee drinkers at all. Khloa is driving us to drink it though. lol

And LAMIK was one of the sponsors! I've been hearing so much about this company lately so it was great to finally check out their products & services in person. JT (on the left) shaped up my eyebrows & they looked excellent! :D
I don't know who this woman was, but I loved that dress she had on & it deserved to have its pictured taken. Flyness.
Some of my favorite designs from the runway show!
She was my favorite model! She rocked it every time she walked. She wasn't playing!

Outfit shots! :-) Katie from The Mac Styles.
And me. :-) That shirt is so old. I got it from Rue 21 when I was in college. I think I was about 20 or 21. I purchased the skirt from F21 on Labor Day weekend for $6.50. Shoes are from F21 too. I think they were around $20-25 purchased about 2 years ago.

Also, while at the runway show I sat next to this girl with such a pretty afro puff. She asked me what I used to moisturize my hair & of course one of the things I told her was "VO5 Strawberries & Cream & extra virgin olive oil or virgin or extra virgin coconut oil to seal" lol! I feel like I type this at least once a day. If you're reading this, "Hey girl!" :-)

Great event & congratulations again on your 3rd Fashion Fierce Party!

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ChariT said...

Great pictures girl! Glad you had a wonderful time!! Hopefully I will make it next year!

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pretty haute said...

NIce pictures, I actually drink Organo Gold everyday. I make ice coffee every morning for myself and Lamik was also a great sponsor for my recent event.

K.D. said...

Thanks Chari! @PH Really?? We're def thinking about becoming coffee drinkers.