Thursday, November 03, 2011

I'm Going to 'Fro Fashion Week!

Did anyone peep the newly added widget in my sidebar? ;-) Get ready. More good news to share. I've been selected to be a Lead Press Supporter for the 2012 Spring 'Fro Fashion Week at Hotel Melia in Atlanta, GA! Officially, 'Fro Fashion Week will be February 1-5th, but I'll be there February 3-5th. :D :D :D I'll have an all access past to cover all of the events. I can NOT tell you ladies how happy I am about this news! Last year, I found out about the 2010 Fall FFW when I moved to Houston literally days before the event. If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember me whining about wanting to go. Then, when the 2011 Spring 'Fro Fashion Week rolled around I was like 6 months pregnant. It was starting to look like I was never going to go. LOL. And now I'm actually going to be a Lead Press Supporter!!! I can't believe it. ESTACTIC.

Of course, I'll be updating you guys with all of the good stuff! Stay tuned. :-)

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Baby Shopaholic said...

Congrats!!! I plan on attending with my sister. Hopefully I can meet you there!

ChariT said...

Congrats girlie!! Have a great time!