Tuesday, November 15, 2011

RECAP: Uncle Funky's Daughter: Do What Comes Naturally Event!


I know lately I've been posting a lot of events & recaps, but I promise ya'll HairGurl is NOT turning into an event blog. lol... I'm going to be doing a hair update next week & I have so many product reviews to post it's ridiculous. I'm so behind in that area. So as you all know I attended the Uncle Funky's Daughter Do What Comes Naturally event Sunday, Nov. 6th & let me tell ya'll...I had the time of my life. :-) Photo shoots, dancing, shopping, eating, talking about hair, nails being minxed & MORE....with all of those activities, who wouldn't have the best time?!

 I met Nicky. One of the highlights of my night! She follows my Facebook page & she is so sweet. She's always leaving such positive comments on the wall. :)

Check out my minxed nail! #doingit I picked this Zoya nail polish color in Gemma because I wanted to try a color I hadn't tried before. I almost went with a bright red, but I already paint my nails red a lot. I didn't know my minx nail would be red & gold though. I would've picked red had I known. Sidenote: This nail polish is fantastic! It's barely chipped since Sunday. Hmmm. Maybe I need to buy some more expensive nail polishes.

Me & Katie. Having fun as usual!! Hahaha.

 Beautiful ladies everywhere!

The back of the Uncle Funky's Daughter shirt Katie purchased.

How cool is this?! A 5 dollar table.

I REALLY wanted that black headband, but it wasn't stretchy at all. :-(

Tonya, one of the owners of Uncle Funky's Daughter, doing a demonstration of 3 strand twists. Check out Tonya's beautiful bold hair cut!


Iknowlee from YouTube was there too! Had no idea she was in Houston! I immediately recognized her face. She looked gorgeous & her hair was so pretty! She was so much fun to talk to!

To top it off, Katie & I interviewed Tonya & Ray, the owners of Uncle Funky's Daughter!! :D They were so cool & even schooled us a little on their vegan lifestyle. Loved their spirits.:-) Thank you guys so much for speaking with us!
We had a BALL!! Can't wait for the next UFD event! I left feeling uplifted & inspired to try new things...like zumba for instance. I also had a headache (the effect from laughing and talking way too much) which is always a sure fire sign that I've had a great time. lol! Thank you Uncle Funky's Daughter for such a wonderful event!

P.S. I'll be posting the interview & adding it to this post. Stay tuned for that!

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