Friday, November 18, 2011

10 Reasons Why YOU Should Attend the Nzuri Showcase!

So many things to participate in!

As you guys already know, I'm one of the VIP bloggers for the Nzuri Showcase Dec. 10-11th. :D Still excited over here! lol So I'll be there, but will you??! Here are some reasons why you MUST be at the Nzuri Showcase!

1. Bloggers Speak! From the Web to the Table-Come & meet me & the rest of the Nzuri bloggers/vloggers in a discussion session & Q & A! I'm SO excited be apart of this & I get to meet you wonderful ladies. :-)
2. The Miss 'Happy' Headed Pageant! Dec.10th at 3:30pm. Yes, I'm a lover of pageants. :D I loved participating in pageants when I was younger. It helped me immensely in getting over my shyness & having more self-confidence. I'm the woman that looks at the Ms. America, Ms. USA, etc. pageants every year...and i get MAD if I miss them. This pageant is such a great way for natural girls to embrace their natural beauty. And to boot, Aevin Dugas, Guinness Record holder for the 'Largest Afro', will be emceeing the pageant!
 3. 2 words: Fashion shows. Nzuri has partnered with Macy's to bring you 2 fashion shows: "Fashion 2 Fro Fix" & "Fabulous Fashions 4 Over 40." Nothing like seeing a cool fashion show! And after finding this dress for $9, I'm now a fan of Macys. My sister is proud. lol

4. Felicia Leatherwood, Jill Scott's hairstylist, will be in the house teaching her infamous "Loving Your Hair with Natural Care: The Felecia Leatherwood Experience" workshop. I'm always hearing about how great & informative her workshops are on Twitter. You may remember me featuring her on the blog big chopping Tomiko's hair a while back. Tickets are $25.00. Workshop will be held Saturday, Dec. 10th: 11-12:30pm.
5. Best Kept Afro & Best Looking Locs Contest. Now ya'll know it's no secret that my go-to style is the 'fro. It's one of the biggest reasons I went be able to rock the biggest 'fro possible. :D I was already trying to achieve that with the braidouts I did on relaxed hair.
6. Cool "Total Natural Look" Contest. This is for the natural woman that who has it all together from head to toe. Natural fashionistas! And you know who you are. ;-) Think you've got the "Total Natural Look" or do you know someone who does? Apply here!
7. The Vendors! Need I say more? Here's a few to name: B. Natural Apparel, LAMIK, Koils by Nature, & Upscale Magazine. See the full list here.
8. Miss Jessie's will be giving out their infamous 500 gift bags for the 1st 500 attendees! Get there early! No need to add anything else to that.
9. Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey aka BeautifulBrwnBabyDol of YouTube will be educating the masses with her workshop, "How To Create Fabulous Yarn Braids! Yarn Braids: The Ultimate “How To” on an AWESOME Protective Style!" Armed with 53,000 subscribers on YouTube, Nina was recently named one of the Top 5 YouTube Natural Hair Care Vloggers by the Huffington Post. What a fantastic accomplishment! Workshop will be held Saturday, Dec. 10th: 11-12pm. Tickets are $10.
10. Kim Roxie of LAMIK will be teaching a workshop entitled, "Eco Chic Beauty Revelation: Put Your Best Face Forward in Under 10 Minutes." Some of the key points of her workshop will be brow defining & correctly identifying your skin type to choose healthy products for your skin with benefits. Speaking from my recent experience with LAMIK, they're excellent at brow defining. I'm definitely going their soon to get my brows shaped.Tickets are only $10 online! $15 at the door. Check out the rest of the passes here. Workshop will be held Saturday, Dec. 10th: 3pm. Free.

Need some more reasons? Check out the Nzuri Showcase website:! I'm sure you'll find plenty more there. ;-)

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