Monday, January 23, 2012

$1.50 F21 Ridged Square Earrings

 I forgot about this pic. I posted it on Twitter on New Year's Day while I was at The Cheesecake Factory for the very 1st time in life. lol Initially, I was just showing the puff, but I completely forgot I was wearing these vintage, distressed earrings. Love them! I bought another pair too, but I haven't worn them yet or taken pics of them. Forever 21 is quickly becoming one of my least favorite places to shop simply because every time I go in there, it's a freakin' madhouse. I can't shop in the middle of chaos. I like peace & quiet when I'm shopping...mainly so I can think. I'm gonna start shopping there in the early morning when they open because I can' I've barely been to F21 since we moved to Houston because of this. However, I do love that I can always find a good deal in there! Shoot, I just might start shopping online....

Speaking of online, here they are: Ridged Square Earrings

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Anonymous said...

Your poof is hot! And I don wear jewelry but te earrings are amazing! As for your comments about F21 I couldn't agree more. I thought it was just the locations in Boston that are like that ugh. I usually just shop online if I need something from them lol cuz I can't either!

K.D. said...

EXACTLY!! They are killing me. And that used to be my spot, but not anymore! LOL