Sunday, January 22, 2012

1 Year Natural Hair Anniversary! (Comparison)

Yep, ya'll. It's been a WHOLE YEAR since I bc'ed. I was one preggie woman on a mission last year! lol Since my curly 'fro is my go to style, I wanted to show you guys how my hair (which I posted on Facebook on Friday) looks in it's true state. No stretching, just the shrunken goods. Yesterday, I tension stretched my hair so I'll be putting up some pics off that tomorrow. I also have to do a trim or search and destroy because unfortunately my 'love' for my unstretched hair has led to single strand knots. *sigh*

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LaQT/ Ty said...

Wow, it's grown so much. I know its going to be at least shoulder length. I'm sure you've retained all of your growth. So proud of you. Your hair is gorgeous.

K.D. said...

Thanks LaQT! :-) I really appreciate that. It is to my shoulder. I wanna flat iron soon...just don't know when! That's a project. lol