Saturday, January 14, 2012

4 Things That Don't Go With My Personal Style

 I did this post on ETSS (my other blog that I'm trying merge with this one). It's so funny looking back on this post & comparing it to me today. I have to's all still true! lol Keep in mind I wrote this in spring of 2010.


Although, I'm still getting used to this "style" blogging thing, I thought I'd let you guys know what you won't see a lot of on this blog.

1. Stockings. I can't stand stockings. I NEVER wear them. They irritate the crap out of my legs. I've never liked them. My mother would try to get me to wear them as a child, but I could barely last a few hours in them. When it gets warm, I really don't like anything touching my legs so pants really don't exist to me at this time of the year.

2. Socks. I know it's trendy to wear socks with sandals right now, but I won't be jumping on this bandwagon. I'm from the south & really prefer walking around with no socks while I'm in the house. Socks are okay, but I don't own a pair I've actually bought. I like the socks that go over each toe. :-) Those are the only kinds I own. And I hardly ever wear them. If I need thicker socks when it's cold, I wear the hubby's.

3. Pants/Jeans. I know I just wrote this in the "Stockings & Socks" category, but it needs to be said again. I'm a dress kind of girl. I love dresses. I've already done a post with jeans. Click here if you missed it. However, you may not see jeans again on ETSS for a lonnnnng time. When it gets steadily warm, I don't wear pants. I'm not kidding. I wear dresses, skirts & shorts. I would love to live somewhere that's so warm that I don't have to wear pants. lol, Seriously. You won't see many outfits of me in pants unless it's cold(er)out.

4. Sneakers. Lol, I only have 2 pair. (well I have some in my mother's garage back home) One pair I've had since I was 17. They're raggedy, but I love them. ;-) The hubs gave me a Foot Locker gift card for Christmas a couple of years ago. He was hoping I would throw away the old ones. Not! The sole will have to literally be falling off for me to throw those shoes away. Hahaha. (UPDATE: The sole really fell off the shoes a few days ago! I was sad at first, but hey I've had them for over 10 years...LOL. I wish I'd taken a pic of them.) Anyway, I bought some Jordans with the gift card. And I'm expecting to keep those for the next 10-20 years. I'm clearly not a sneakers girl. More like heels, flip-flops, sandals, etc...

That's it! I hope you guys now have a little more insight into my personal style. :-)

What things don't go with your personal style?

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TheLeoDuo said...

...and good bye forever to the old ones!

K.D. said...

Soooo insincere! lol-K.D.