Thursday, January 19, 2012

Update: 2011 Hair Resolutions!

 *hair coming down a little in the back*

1. Continue transitioning & eventually chop off all of my relaxed ends so I can be fully natural! (Natural!)

2. Continue shampooing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing my hair regularly. (Check!)

3. Re-stock my Deity protein conditioner!! I miss this stuff so much! (Still haven't done this. :\)

4. Continue to cut 1 inch or more every month until completely natural.  (Check! Natural for almost 8 months!)

5. Try shea butter. (Trying this as we speak)

And why did I just now realize 1 & 4 are the same thing????? Why didn't ya'll tell me?? lol! O_o All I need to do now is get my hands on some of the Deity conditioner & I'll be all done. What's going on w/ your hair resolutions? We still have about 4 months left in 2011 ladies!

I know I'm a little late in posting this. Finished all except 1. Don't worry. I'll be finding my Deity conditioner in 2012! Been trying so many products that I barely miss it. o_o

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TiAnna Mae said...

I am really trying to be more gentle and aware of how I detangle and comb my hair. I'm also looking for cute (for me) protective styles that I can wear my hair in for at least a week and a half at a time.

K.D. said...

Yeah me too! I can impatient sometimes and that's no good. I find that this helps me detangle easier. Let me know what styles u come up with! I've been rocking the mess outta my side puff, lol!-K.D.

Sabrina said...

really nice style! :):)
if you want we can follow each others! :)