Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Horseback Riding on Valentine's Day

In the 5th grade, my class went on a trip & we all had a chance to sit on a policeman's horse. I declined because I was way too scared to do something like that. It's always been one of those things I've regretted. So the hubs treated me to a 1 hour adventure trail ride. When he 1st told me about it, I was so excited! Then, Valentine's Day rolled around. That's when I got nervous. Real nervous. What the hell was I about to do again?! After arriving at Cypress Trails, I was no longer nervous: Shoot, I was SCARED.

Checking out my helmet. Didn't expect a huge mirror in the middle of a farm, but I was glad it was there. lol! I didn't like any of the helmets. I just picked out one that could fit over my hair! And that was no easy feat even after putting my hair in a twisted down classy bun.

It took me a month of Sundays just to MOUNT the horse. Notice the woman in front of the horse? That's Meechie! Looking at her twa really made me miss my old one. She was my instructor for the day. We hit it off right away.
Finally, because I was getting nowhere (lol) Meechie showed me by mounting the horse herself.

At last! On the horse! I believe her name was Sen...

Riding off heading towards the trail...

We experienced dips, hills, walking near cliffs (that's what they looked like to me!) & walking across water. That scared feeling hit me at times, but the horse seemed to know what she was doing so that eased me a lot. As we were riding back to the ranch, the hubs said he could hear us yacking about hair. LOL We talked about natural hair the entire time! Products, YouTube videos, bloggers, you name it!  

Had to get a snapshot with Meechie. She did an excellent job leading me on the trail. :D Her & Eboni have convinced me to try SheaMoisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie. Even though SheaMoisture sponsored 3 giveaways for my HairGurl Summer Affair last year, I have yet to try their products.  I have so much stuff that I'm trying to keep my spending to a limit when it comes to hair products. I hope to try out the Curl Enhancing Smoothie really soon though!

Khloa's new friend. haha

Khlo Face dressed for the occasion. Country girl. :-)

My hair. I twisted the middle down & did a classy bun at the botton. I left a little of the top out. I should add that this is the 1st time I've done this bun since I've been natural. I missed it! Ya'll know I used to do this bun all the time when I was relaxed.

Have you guys ever been horseback riding?? Would you try it?? I definitely wanna go back out there & go for another ride!

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