Monday, February 20, 2012

'Fro Fashion Week: Pt. 2 Gifting Suite, Penthouse Party, & MORE!

After Bloggers, Brands, & Brunch, I checked out some of the suites & the vendors...Get ready for A LOT of pics!

 AfroBallerina! I e-met her on Twitter awhile back. Isn't her hair pretty??

I loved her hair color! Too bad my old camera couldn't pick it up that well. *sigh*

Curls Unleashed had such a cute and fun set up in their suite! Drinks, products, and demos. They even had a popcorn machine!

The creator of Une Autre Naturelle wearing a pair of ChariT's earrings!

Trina from Baby Shopaholic getting her hair braided by Key of Key Essentials.
While watching Trina get her hair braided, I listened to Key answer questions for the attendees in the room. She was very knowledgeable about hair & even shared traumatic experiences from her own hair journey. Later on, I grabbed some food with Eboni, Trina, & Constance. I changed my clothes & then headed back downstairs to the Gifting Suite. I def didn't prepare myself for the amount of "gifts" I was about to receive!

Bags filled with Curls Unleashed products.
Jeannell Darden, founder of Coco Curls! She lovveeees hair color just like me. :-)

I have been dying to try Jessicurl products!

Design Essentials samples. It was a pleasure talking to the CEO, Cornell McBride, Jr., about blogging. I can go on and on sometimes! lol (photo from Design Essentials)

Beautiful Textures products in the bags.

The V Bar lady! She had samples of her soap, The VBar, which is an eco-friendly feminine hygiene bar. Such a cool personality!

The Sista Chick! I need get her link info asap.

 Shea Moisture was in the house! Those cupcakes were great. Too bad I didn't get a chance to finish it. Even though I've co-hosted 3 giveaways w/ them for the HairGurl Summer Affair I still haven't tried their hair products, but I did get a few skin & body products. Been using the Coconut & Hibiscus lotion. Not only does it moisturize my skin to the max, it also leaves a nice shine as well.

I had to take a pic of the back of this woman's shirt. Ya'll know my obsession w/ unique back designs of dresses. lol
Tarin, the creator & founder of 'Fro Fashion Week! If you look closely at my jacket, you'll see that it appears that I have on a brooch. Well, it's a pair of my earrings-the one's from this post. Eboni put them in my jacket for me! What a cool idea for earrings! I never would've come up with something like this. It definitely adds a vintage flair to the jacket.

Tarin Boone, the mastermind behind 'Fro Fashion Week!

Around this time, my camera died on me. :-( We headed up to the Penthouse Party & I felt brave enough to ditch the jacket. The next 3 pics were hijacked from Eboni. lol

Here's the back of my dress. I was really self-conscious about wearing it. Eboni convinced me to just go for it. When I bought it, I didn't realize how short it is. I like short dresses, but this was one was just too short. Ignore my rusty elbows! lol

 Part 3 is on it's way!! Hopefully, that will be last one. :-)

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Baby Shopaholic said...

Great recap! I hate I didn't make it to the gift suite!

K.D. said...

Thanks girl! Yes, you would have LOVED it!

Daphne said...

Great recap - it was such fun meeting you!