Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mother's Day Hair & Style

I spent the day with the hubs & Khlo Face at Bayou Bend Collection & Gardens in Houston where we toured the former historic home of philantropist Ima Hogg. Boasting 19 rooms filled with beautiful art & furnishings, this home was beyond immaculate! The hubs & I were joking about what we would do if this were our home. Dreaming is free. ;-) Chile, I would have dinner parties all the time! I wish I could show you photos of the inside, but we weren't allowed to take photos inside the home...However, you can view pics on their site here.We took our time traveling throughout the house & the 14 acres that surrounded it. Yes. 14 ACRES. All that land. Shout out to the people who keep that land looking gorgeous! Definitely a beautiful & relaxing Mother's Day. (It's been over a year & I still can't believe I'm somebody's mama, lol)

I'm demolished this cake & it was so good!! Hubs got it from HEB for $6. Believe it or not, this was all I wanted. :D #extremecakelover
Khloa's card & yep I wore that button all day...haha

Side shot of the hair. I was so frustrated w/ my hair that day I just pulled it back into a pony...


How did you spend Mother's Day?? I'm still new to this, so I forgot Mother's Day was coming until a few days before it! lol I still always think of my mama for Mother's Day. :-)

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kaye_munchi said...

Your hair came out cute!

K.D. said...

Thanks girl!