Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trim Day! (New Hair Shears/Length Check)

I've been needing a good trim for months now. I started trimming awhile back when I noticed a bunch of single strand knots, but I didn't get far. My hair shears were not cutting as well as they used to. Definitely time to invest in some new ones before I continued my trim. This past weekend, I went to Sally's & 2 local beauty supply stores. One of the bss's I went into led me to the nail polish when I inquired about hair shears. -_O I ended up going back to Sally's for these Jilbere de Paris Ergo-Grip Shears. I really liked how sharp they were. Price: around $22

After I got home, I couldn't wait to get started! (However, I took a nap with Khloa) I just don't feel right about my hair when the ends are not right. It seemed like ssk's had taken over my ends. I was SO tired of feeling the little balls on the ends. Ladies be ware! Stretch the hair frequently to avoid knots. I think I may write a post on how to avoid the knots....stretching is a key aspect.

Quick length check beforehand. (almost 17 months of growth) Tension stretched blown out hair.

About 2 inches off. Instant feel good moment. :D

End result.

My ends feel so much better. While trimming, I noticed that I really didn't have any split ends. Almost none. It was those dang knots that were everywhere!! Mostly in the front of my hair where the color is. If you're a recent natural, please stay on top of your ends. I should've started stretching my hair a lot sooner than I did. I still rock my 'fro, but just not as much as I used to.

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LaQT/ Ty said...

It does look better after the trim. When my daughter was natural, I wish I would've known to trim her ends more often. It would've saved us all the headache. I'm too scissors- happy when I self trim. Thinking about Splitender.