Monday, May 10, 2010

Hana Professional 1 Inch Flat Iron Review

( The before shot....)
Hey girlies! How was everyone's Mother's Day??? I had a pretty good weekend hanging out with the hubs & on Sunday we went to his mother's house for a bbq. :-) We also saw Iron Man 2 & the Saturday Night Live Special with Betty White. It was hilarious! She's so sarcastic & funny it's ridiculous! Okay enough about my fabulous weekend. ;-) On to the review of the Hana.....The great people at Misikko sent me the Hana Professional 1 inch Flat Iron (currently retailing for $119.99) & I was very impressed with the packaging. They even sent me some little gifts inside. :-)
Here's a photo of the pink loveliness....

A few facts about the Hana Pro:
-Advanced fusion tourmalin ceramic plates for accelerated ion generation & maximum frizz-free shine
-Floating plates auto-adjust to glide over any texture
-Flash heats from 140-450 degrees for all hair types
-No slip-grip; heavy duty swivel cord from hanging loop
The Heat Proof Pouch
Hana Pouch The Hana Shine Shield Heat Protectant I loved the pink rubber mat it came with! When I wasn't using the flat iron I put it on this.... So I washed & dc'ed as usual. I put in my usual leave-ins followed by the Hana Shine Shield, their heat protectant. It has a nice smell to it and it's a serum. The "ready" light came on in seconds. A fast warm up! I set the flat iron to my usual 370-380 degree-ish. Flat ironing took me a little longer than usual. I found that the Hana Pro didn't straighten my roots like I wanted towards the back of my head. : \ When I got to the top, it worked great. My roots have a more coarse texture in the back.... (I was 8 weeks post relaxer when I flat ironed). I had to raise the temperature to effectively straighten the back. I really don't like going beyond my usual 370-380ish because that's when my heat damage steps in for my hair. : \ I might go to 390, but 400 is pushing it! The Hana Pro was great at straightening my hair, but my roots required more passes. If you check out my last post, you'll see more photos of my hair. There's also some on my style blog here. I tend to lean my head to the side in all my pics....hahaha.

  It's not fair to compare the Hana Pro to the GHD because the Hana Pro is not 100% pure ceramic like the GHD. But the Hana Elite is. ;-)Hopefully, I'll have a chance to test that out one day. This was my first time using a tourmaline ceramic flat iron. My FHI is just a ceramic flat iron. All in all, the Hana was a good flat iron for straightening the hair, but not so much with my roots. It probably would work better on 1-3b hair type. I have 4a/b type hair. I may try it in the future on freshly relaxed hair to see how it works. Does anyone have this flat iron? How does it work on your hair?? I want to hear some other perspectives on the Hana.
Note: Misikko sent me this flat iron at no cost to review. As always, my reviews are based on my honest opinion. Thank you.  

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