Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Color Bug Is Still Biting Me

.....This has been tempting me for awhile now. The Anti-Hair Slave suggested I use color showers. Her brown hair is beautiful! Instead, I went the cheap $5 route & attempted a color on the day I relaxed & that was an #epicfail. : \. The color didn't really take as well as I thought it would. I used Clairol's Beautiful Collection Semi-Permanent in Light Reddish Brown. I don't know if I want my whole head to be this certain color. I do know I want some hi-lights....Permanent color is out of the question. Don't need the damage & I change my mind way too much for a long-term committment like that....I just wanna add some omph to my hair for the summer.
Gabrielle Union is rocking almost the exact color I'm trying to get! It looks so pretty on her. When I saw this color, I was like "that's it!" :D

Ya'll can't tell me this is color is not haute! This is just gorgeous!

Queen Latifah's color is close to what I used to have......before it grew out. I like this one too! I was oogling her hair hard as the hubs and I watched Just Wright. lol

So I will pose the question again....Do any of you ladies use hair color? Hi-lights? Color Showers? Help! I need some advice. Because the next time I spend some money, I want the color to work. I want Gabrielle's color, but I don't want to do a permanent color. Products please. :-) Thanks ladies!

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L. Michelle? said...

One thing that I have found with my hair both when it was relaxed AND when it was natural was that I had to go to a permanent color for it to work (For my hair to be lightened).

I tried so many semi-permanent colors and each time I washed them out, my hair was the same color. Talk about frustration!

Can't wait to see what you figure out. I have two boxes of Creme of Nature's Golden Copper just waiting to be applied to my hair.

AlongCameStacey said...

Semi-permanent hair color will not make your hair even one shade lighter than it is. It can only enhance the color you have or make it darker.

I would suggest maybe using some clip in hair extenstions. It's a great, damage-free way to add some oompf to your hair.

K.D. said...

@L.Michelle Girl that does sound frustrating!...and that's exactly how I feel. I believe you're right though. I'm going to have to go with a permanent color or a great semi-permanent. I did African Pride Semi-Permanent Hi-Lites the last time and they took to my hair like a permanent color! I'll figure something out. Thanks for your advice & the copper sounds like a beautiful color! ;-)

@AlongCameStacey I may try a "hardcore" semi-permanent color. Thanks for the advice on the hair extensions!