Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Do A Bangin' Braidout

*sigh* This was one of the hardest posts I've ever had to do...mainly because in the middle of posting my photos all disappeared! (mean face) But I've got it together now...I don't know what's been up with Blogger lately....Everyone always compliments me on how pretty my braidouts are so here's a step-by-step tutorial on how I do my bangin' braidouts. :-) First, I detangle my hair. I section it, apply water to each section, & just braid down. I do about 6 braids over my whole head.....I secure the ends with satin covered sponge rollers. (Sidenote: I used a random rod roller for the top braid). I apologize for the sloppiness of the braids. This is how they look when I wake up in the morning...

Start by unbraiding one of the braids. This is how it looks when I unbraid it.....Oh and before I unbraid I put extra virgin coconut oil on the ends of my hair.
Then I finger comb it for this effect. It becomes more bouncy. I do this to each section separately.
This is how one section looks after being unbraided and finger combed. I just repeat this step for each section until it looks completely wild. ;-)
I just comb through it lightly to make it BIG. I don't comb it thoroughly...I kind of pick through it. Be sure not to create any tangles. It's easy to create those with braidouts.
Voila...this is the finished product. :-)
Things to remember
  • Everyone's braidout doesn't look the same! Everyone's hair texture is unique so don't go beating yourself up if your hair doesn't look like the next chick. Love your hair. Okay?
  • The smaller the braid, the smaller the curl & wave. I like bigger waves & curls so I do bigger braids. That works for me & you'll have to find out what works for you. ;-)
  • Braidouts take practice! I've been doing them since '08 so I've gotten pretty good at them. In '07, my hair was shorter so twistouts looked better on me. Go figure. Now I'm braidouts all the way!
  • Always make sure to add some kind of a oil to the ends. I use extra virgin coconut oil. Braidouts can really dry the hair out....especially the ends.
  • Rock it! If you're wearing a bangin' braidout you MUST own it. When I wear my hair this big, I feel so fly. :D

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Clare said...

LOVE this look! GIrl you are taunting me with your fresh relaxer! I need one so badly!!

Traycee said...

Love your braid outs !!

Samantha said...

I love it! Can you tell me if your hair was freshly waashed and airdried or if you did this on previously flat ironed/roller setted hair?? BTW thank you for the classic bun, it's my Mon-Fri look now, I love it!!

trishie said...

These braids are so cool!!

just letting you know that there's a giveaway going on at my blog and i hope you enter:

K.D. said...

Thanks ladies! lol at Clare!

@Samantha It was freshly washed. Awww thanks for the compliment on the classy bun! :-) Glad you like it!

@Trishie I'll check it out!