Friday, June 11, 2010

My Braided Classy Bun

This is pretty much one of my main go-to hairstyles right before my relaxer. Well maybe not right before. I usually start doing this style a few weeks before my relaxer. I do it when I just want to give my hair a rest. I sometimes do it on freshly relaxed hair too like here. It's easy to do...I just add a braid to the classy bun. I'm addicted to side braids. They look so chic to me. Then I put the bun towards the side. I'm going to do a step-by-step tutorial for this bun...I'll try to post it this weekend, but in the meantime visit Serenity Breeze's Fotki. I learned of the style through her. :-) If you want to see how the braided classy bun looks from the front go here.
The last 2 photos are the classy bun with just a side bang. That's how it looks around 8 weeks post...very hard to lay down! It was a little messy in these photos. The classy bun is pretty much a hairstyle staple for me! It's a classic, timeless look. :-)
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Jaye Charisma said...

you've inspired my hairstyle for tomorrow. :)

K.D. said...

Thanks Jaye! :D I'm glad I could inspire you! Please post pics when you do it!