Tuesday, June 08, 2010

GHD Curls!

Hey HGs, Just got back from my trip to Memphis yesterday and I had sooooo much fun! :D I love being around my family, but it always ends too soon. : ( I've never really gotten used to being away from my family. Never. On a bad note.......I curled my hair on Saturday and Sunday with the GHD. : \ lol, I wasn't supposed to be using heat to achieve curls, but.......I did. #ohwell The GHD creates some of the prettiest curls I've ever seen. :-) Yes, it's a flat iron, but you can curl your hair with it. It's all in the wrist! Check it out. ;-)
I'm just hoping there's not a lot of heat damage..... Make sure you are following me on Twitter & Facebook for more of my ramblings about hair and anything else I want to talk about. :-)


Samantha said...

Do you have any videos/tutorials on youtube? If not, I definitely think you should make some, you have such cute hair styles and ideas, videos would be a nice compliment to your blog. Just my opinion :)

.:jeni:. said...

pretty pretty hair! :)