Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Side Summer Braid & Picked An Event Name!

I still can't figure out how to convert my video on my phone to an acceptable video to be uploaded to Blogger. : \ But moving along, I've created another summer style! I'm on a roll this summer. I came up with this style a few days after seeing a photo of Jessica Alba on the web. I don't think her hair was in a side braid, but it gave me the idea to try this. :-) I can't find the photo of Jessica anywhere now. I've even tried googling her name with side braid and I can't find it! I did find one that's very similiar to the one I saw on was pushed a little bit more though.

I may try this one too....hmmm. Very cute!

Here's mine....

I pulled all of my hair over to the side of my head, did a big french braid and tucked it under. I also put a few bobby pins in the initial braid to hold it down more. This could be used a good protective style too!

AND I've finally picked a name for my 1st HG event! :D I've settled on the 2010 Hair Gurl "Love Your Hair" Summer Affair. :-) I commented earlier on Facebook on the fact that it rhymes. lol...Now I can get on with the rest of the details. I'm so excited! Thanks to everyone who commented on the initial post with interest! In other news, you all know about my new hair color right? Well I read on the internet cinnamon can lighten your hair. So I tried it over my colored hair....and it indeed does lighten the hair! ;-) Details coming up in my next post!
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Ife' said...

I love how full your hair looks when you braid it.. My braids are always sooo tiny and flat..

Dina's Days said...

Absolutely LOVE braids! They are so feminine. I try and try and can't get them to look right. Your hair style looks adorable.