Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I'm In Houston & Hair Update!

I'm here!!! Finally. ;-) So the hubs and I are finally in Houston....We've been here for almost a week and so far we love it (despite the heavy rain lately). It's definitely a major change for us. I'm so thankful that we've finally settled on a place together. This definitely took a lot of work and compromise, but we did it!!! If you follow me on twitter, you know over the last week of us traveling I experienced major hair and scalp issues. It was so frustrating. I didn't flat iron my hair at all. I really just rocked the side bun pretty much the whole time....but for some reason my scalp was soooooooooooooooooooooooo dry! :-( I'm talking big cornflakes were coming out of my hair. Yuck. My scalp has a tendency to get dry right in the front of my head...
So because I didn't have any of my hair remedies (acv, etc) I used my hubby's Head & Shoulders. He NEVER gets dandruff. I've known him for 10 years and he's been using this the whole time. This is the only shampoo he uses. So I've basically used it about 3 times and the Thank You Jesus the dandruff is just about gone. I have no idea what caused it. We traveled to 4 cities before getting to Houston and I did spend a lot of time out in the heat so maybe the excessive heat caused it. I'm just glad I almost have my hair back. I dealt with dryness too, but the dandruff took the cake!
So for now I'm just going to baby my hair. Remember...I still have the color in the front of my head. I don't think I'll be re-coloring it. I'll be 5 weeks post this week and as of right now I don't know when I'll relax again. I said on twitter that I'll most likely stretch...and I probably will. I really need to start oiling my scalp with extra virgin coconut oil. It's supposed to be great for dry scalp. That was on my hair resolutions and I'm ashamed that I haven't done it one time this year. When I buy some more coconut oil, I'm going to start asap.
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Anonymous said...

ive been using evco since march/april as a pre-poo and i havent had itchy/dry/flaky scalp since. i didnt think about it until i realized it wasnt using any dr miracles stuff.

Tamara said...

welcome to Houston! H-town representin!

K.D. said...

@PP I've going to try that out. Do you put it on your scalp and hair?

@Tamara Thanks!