Thursday, September 09, 2010

Roadtrip Rewind: Macy's Natural Mannequin

Look what I spotted while I was out roadtripping. A natural hair mannequin in Macy's at the Northpark Mall in Dallas! When I saw her I told my hubby, "Look, there's a natural mannequin!" I was so excited. Of course, he didn't see the big deal. Isn't she lovely? I had to snap a quick pic of her hair. I dubbed her natural because of her curls (even though you can duplicate this look on a relaxed head). ;-) Shoot I want curls like this, lol!
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Ife' said...

hehe. very cute!

eboni ife'

p.s. men never understand Lol

K.D. said...

@Ife' I know right! They never