Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Cheap Way to Deep Condition: Grocery Bags

 Old pic of me dc'ing w/ a grocery bag

My mother used to collect our plastic grocery bags in a drawer after we would come from the grocery store. I never understood why she did it, I just did what I was told. Now I do it. My husband doesn't understand my obsession with collecting grocery bags. It's funny how we pick up things from our parents. So I came up with my own purpose of collecting them: to deep condition my hair. :-)

When I first started my healthy hair journey, I had a dome hair dryer, but that sucker conked out on me in the 1st year of my journey. I've always wanted a Pibbs or something similiar. If you don't know, the Pibbs hair dryer is famous in the hair world! It's known for being an amazing hair dryer. On a bad note: They've just always seemed to expensive and not justifiable. They usually retail for around $300.....yeah. With The Munchkin on the way, who knows when I'll be able to get one...But anyway, to make up for it I use grocery bags as a substitute. I love them because they're effective & FREE. Well, after you buy the groceries they're all yours. I just wrap 2 around my head and deep condition for how ever long I feel like-usually around 2 or 3 hours. The heat from your scalp contributes to the dc'ing process. Because the plastic bags are indeed not a hair dryer, I deep condition with them longer.

If you collect grocery bags like me and don't have a hair dryer, try dc'ing with them. I know there are some ladies that use the grocery bags in addition to the hair dryer. That's fine too. Try it out and let me know how you like it! :-) ...or if you hate it.

Oh and here's a pic of my collection....lol. I will say this: I never run out!
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love.akihsoy said...

LOL we collect plastic grocery bags at my house too... idk what it is! But I use them to DC when I run out of the plastic processing caps.

TheLeoDuo said...

Hey...I like keeping the bags...just not as many as you want to keep!!!

GangstaSummoner said...

My grandma collected plastic bags and so do my mom. They mainly use them as trash bags for the trash cans throughout the house, but I use them for that as well as baggying my hair. It's cheap an inexpensive. :)