Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Possible Hair Length @ 10 Months Natural

So this is how I've been spending my late nights....scouring the internet looking for natural hairspiration. ;-) I guess this is why I've been dreaming about cutting my hair. It's all apart of me researching my possible transition to natural hair. By the time the Munchkin is born (May), I'll be around 10 months so I've been looking at naturals who're also around 10 months-to get a feel of how long my hair might be... I must say I've found some beautiful hair on Youtube. I think I would be okay with my hair being around the length in all 4 of these videos. I think. I'm going to start measuring my my new growth every month just to track it. I need to figure out how many inches I want my new growth to be if I decide to go natural.

Afrocentric2-Cute twistouts!

Here's Pr3ttyunique89. Loving her hair color.

GiaMoOnX Looks like her hair grew a lot... *crossing my fingers*

BeautyisForever88 -I love her afro. :D

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