Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Andre Walker Live Twitter Q & A

 Hey girlies,
I was invited to participate in a live Twitter Q & A with Oprah's personal stylist, Andre Walker. It's today (July 26th) at 6pm EST. 

Snippet from the email.

'You are more than welcome to invite your Twitter and blog followers to join the discussion! This is an opportunity to speak directly with Oprah Winfrey’s personal hairstylist about your styling questions, and receive a special follower’s discount on Andre Walker products.

*Please note that participants must be following @AndreWalkerHair and use the hashtag #AskAndre during the Twitter Q & A.'
 This comes at a perfect time especially after the anger directed towards him from the natural hair community after the comment he made. Maybe they're hosting this Q & A as a response to that...In any case, it gives naturals a chance to ask him about the comment if they want to. I didn't directly blog about it, but several blogs did & many naturals were very angry. This is the comment he made (taken from ELLE magazine (full interview)

“Kinky hair can have limited styling options; that’s the only hair type that I suggest altering with professional relaxing.”
  This statement didn't affect me in the least. That's mainly why I chose not to blog about it. I'm confident enough in my hair to know I can style it ANY way I want. He suggests altering kinky hair with a relaxer. That doesn't mean I have to take his suggestion. I know (not a stylist) what is best for my hair. In my hair's case, I'm the expert. Later, he cleaned up his statements a bit. Read more about that here.

So who's attending the Twitter chat? Haven't decided if I will or not.....

Source: BGLH online & ELLE magazine
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Baby Shopaholic said...

I am currently natural but I wear a weave...does that count? Anyway, I don't think his comment was offensive at all. He said Kinky hair has limited options (it does, hence my weave). so that is what he recomends for it if you want more options. There is all kinds black hair out there that is courser then others so if you want your hair straight and more styles that may be the best option. I know when I had a relaxer I had more option. IMO : )

Baby Shopaholic said...

Sorry for multiple comments but I just read the full Elle article and right before that he said "I always recommend embracing your natural texture" So I dont think he meant it like people are taking it. Obv he does black hair...

Ms. WrightAllTheTime said...

I had an issue with his comment because it's completely false and misleading to women who really don't know much about natural hair.

We've been told as kids that our hair "needed" to be relaxed because our natural texture was a problem. The last thing I want is a stylist with significant influence to be spreading the same ignorance.

Natural hair is way more versatile than he seems to be aware. And I would really love for him to join a hair forum or the Youtube natural hair community before he starts speaking in terms of "what's best for kinky hair."

While I'm not moved by his "suggestion," there will be people who will believe and repeat that ignorance. It's gotta stop!