Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HairGurl Summer Affair (Aug. 6th)!

Houston get ready!!! Because on August 6th, we're taking over with the 2nd Annual HairGurl Summer Affair! :D

This year we will be celebrating healthy hair at the Next Door Bar & Lounge 
Come hang out with the lovely ladies of Houston as we chat about hair, hair, and oh yeah hair. ;-) If you have products to swap, bring them! You guys already know there will be gift bags. There also may be a giveaway. I'll keep you guys posted on that.

              Send me a RSVP to thehairgurl@yahoo.com to let me know if you're coming! Put the 'Summer Affair' in the subject so I know it's not spam. ;-) Can't wait to meet ya'll! Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

So remember when I said that there may be giveaways?? I also posted a sneak peek of just one of the giveaways on the fan page. Well...there are gonna be samples & giveaways!!! Just for you ladies. Here are the sponsors for the HairGurl Summer Affair.

A BIG thank you to all of the sponsors!

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TheLeoDuo said...

Hey...let them know I will be there! That'll get you more RSVP's!!!! LOL

oh...and Khloa...(that's who they'll really wanna see...)