Monday, August 29, 2011

My Pre-poo/Co-wash Detangle Method

Recently, I've been a big fan of pre-pooing/co-washing. This whole summer actually. I'd done both of these on relaxed hair & it didn't impress me at all the majority of the time. Now that I'm natural, I MUST detangle my hair. It gets way too tangly for me to skip detangling sessions so that's why I started incorporating more pre-pooing & co-washing. I'm already going through postpartum shedding & I definitely don't wanna add to more hair being lost, lol! I should also mention that I don't wash my scalp per se with the conditioner though. I only apply it to my hair & then rinse it out. Both of these methods are great for detangling! I  do them about 2-4 times a week. I still make sure I wash my hair at least once a week! Here's what I do:

1. Simply slather my hair w/ the conditioner. Sometimes I add evoo to the conditioner.
2. Detangle my hair with only my fingers. This takes about 10-15 mins I think.
3. Put on my grocery bag. ;-) Note: I don't keep as many as I used too... Sometimes I put my Hair Therapy Wrap on over the bag. 
4. Leave it in for as long as I want to. I tweeted a few days ago that I was going on hr. no. 22 with the condish in my hair so 
5. Rinse. 
6. After rinsing, I either shampoo my hair & dc as normal or I just rinse & apply my leave-ins. Hence, me using both terms.

True story: When we moved to Houston in September, I went to Dollar Tree to get some body wash. When I got home, I realized that instead of picking up the White Rain body wash, I'd gotten like 3 bottles of White Rain Lavender Vanilla Conditioner. Hair on the brain?? Guess so! Being the true #hairgurl I am, I just kept them! :D Hey, you can NEVER have to many conditioners!

So this is the conditioner I've been using the most for my detangling sessions. Mainly, because of the Dollar Tree mix up, but it's been working well to my advantage. :-) I love how my hair just soaks this stuff up. I even play in my curls a little while it's in my hair.

 I still have my trust VO5 conditioners ready for a comeback. I'm experimenting with the Strawberries & Cream condish to see how well it moisturizes the 'fro. I may even re-visit the Suave conditioners as well. We'll see.....:-)

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