Monday, October 03, 2011

4 Things I Learned About My Natural Hair This Summer

Things I learned about my natural hair this summer:

1. There were no ill effects (breakage, etc) from me applying the Textures & Tones hair color to my hair. The dyed hair is just as healthy as the part that isn't. :D I'm gonna continue to monitor my hair...

2. I get bored easily so creating hairstyles is a MUST. I thought when I went natural I would just rock curly 'fros all willy nilly, but by August I was already ready to change it up! lol I think I'm gonna put a hairstyles tab at the top of the page as I've come up with a lot over the years. ;-)

3. My pre-poo/co-wash detangle routine is the business. I never realized how helpful this would be to my regimen.

4. Postpartum shedding doesn't last forever! #thankgod

So summer is really over??? It's always hard to say 'see you next year' to my favorite time of year. :(  This is random, I the only that believes summer should start at the beginning of June & not towards the end? Because I'm a good sport....

Welcome Fall!

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LaQT/ Ty said...

Well, I also noticed how healthy your color-treated hair looks. How often do you color it? Reason I ask is because I see how well your hair is growing but I never see your roots. I am notorious for letting my color grow out.
And, also.....I am so looking forward to your hairstyles tab. I enjoy your creativity when it comes to your hair.

K.D. said...

Thanks girl! :-) Sorry about that. lol, I will post some pics this week showing the roots. You can see a little of my roots in my 1st time flat ironing my natural hair post. I'm with you though! I love to let my color grow out too. I colored last summer on my relaxed hair, but i bc'ed in Jan cutting all of the color out. I wanted that color back so i colored it this summer. I've never done root touch ups. I like how it looks when it's like that. The color is starting to look a bit dull though....which i don't like. : \

And thanks so much for the feedback on the hairstyles tab!!! I don't why i didn't think of it sooner! haha