Thursday, February 16, 2012

'Fro Fashion Week- Pt. 1 Arrival & Bloggers, Brands, & Brunch!

 My traveling outfit....

On February 3rd (Friday), I flew to the city that's always having a hair event: Atlanta! 'Fro Fashion Week was underway! :-) Seriously, it seems like they are ALWAYS having something out there. The flight there was crazy though. I experienced turbulence for the 1st time & that alone made me never want to take another flight....ever...again in life. : \ I was so scared! I had my head down the whole time praying to God. This was my 1st time away from Khloa & I just wanted to make it back in one piece. Mind you, the turbulence came after the plane leaving late due to the bad thunderstorm we were having in Houston. My nerves were racked to the max by the time we landed in Atlanta.  I didn't get a chance to stop at my favorite airport store, Bijoux Terner, but I didn't care. I just wanted to get to Hotel Melia and relax. Here's something that made me smile though: My driver told me that "men love for women to wear their hair wild like mine." :-)

 My sis got me this bag for Christmas. It's like my new diaper bag. The gray one is getting raggedy. lol

I really liked this pillow. So cute.

The view from my balcony!! I was in love with it.
 I somehow ran into Afrobella while looking for my room. Such a pleasant surprise. :-) She looked gorgeous. Ordered a burger & fries from the bar downstairs & retreated to my room. Total relaxation. Then, I proceeded to mistakenly oversleep for the much awaited "Bloggers, Brands, & Brunch" gathering. :-( I got there near the ending. Because I'm a #newmama, sleep is a luxury for me. I definitely never get that much consistent (key word) sleep. I'm always waking up now. However, I was kicking myself for being so late. Afrobella, the keynote speaker, gave some excellent blogging tips. So I didn't miss everything! She's such an inspiration because she's truly living her dream. I wish I'd had more time to talk with her over the weekend. 

Trina from Baby Shopaholic! You guys may remember the feature she did on me way back when I was preggie. :-) She donned a pretty curly 'fro in commemoration of  'Fro Fashion Week.

Afrobella doing an interview. Her skirt was so pretty & eye catching! I know I kept staring at it. lol

The creator of The Pursuit of Nappiness! Her hair was beautiful!

The view....

Me & Eboni from The Fashionista Next Door! I've been following her blog for sooo long. She's even been featured on HG a few times. It was so nice to meet her in person! When I was seated, she whispered to me from across the table & waved. I was thinking in mind, "Omg, that's Eboni!". LOL! I love meeting people from online in real life. It's so exciting to me!!! I'm like a kid. lol She gave me some GREAT styling tips that I'm gonna put in my Part 2. ;-)

Twist out! Bought this dress just days before leaving for $3 at Rue 21. :D

I met Kim Coles! :D
Afrobella, Kim Coles, & Felicia Leatherwood!

Had to get a close up of Eboni's bantu knot out. I'm always amazed at the pretty ringlets her bko's create!

At the brunch, I also met a couple of ladies who follow my blog. I wish I'd gotten a pic with them. I gotta tell you guys about the rest of the weekend in the next post. I'm hoping all of it will fit. I have sooooooo many pics & I can never decide which ones to post...because I want to post them all! LOL If not, I'll make a Pt. 3! ;-) I promise I won't make you guys wait for the rest...I've already started the next post! :-) As always, you can check out the Facebook page for more photos. Still in the process of posting the rest of them!!

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Baby Shopaholic said...

It was so awesome to meet you IRL! Can't wait till you come back again or I head that way!

fast hair growth said...

This looks like a fun trip for real! The view from your hotel balcony is amazing.

Eboni said...

Ooh! My brows look good in the picture you took LOL!!!!

It was SO nice to meet you in person, K.D.! I will keep you posted on my wedding LOL!!!!

Hopefully, I'll be able to come to Houston one day!

Shones said...

You got that dress for $3.00... score!!! Just FYI, the fourth person in the Afrobella, Kim Coles and Felicia pic is Chicago satire blogger Luvvie.

K.D. said...

@BabyShopaholic It was so much fun meeting you too!!!! :D

@Eboni Yes, they do! haha Please keep me posted on the wedding!!! I know it will be beautiful! Whenever you do decide to make the trip to Houston, DEF let me know!!

@Shones Exactly, girl! Score indeed. ;-)Thanks for letting me know about the woman in the pic! I really appreciate it.