Thursday, March 08, 2012

Product Review: nuNAAT Karite' Special!

I received these nuNAAT products a few months ago. This is the Karite' line which boasts shea butter in all of the products. I'd never heard of nuNAAT so of course the product junkie that lives inside of me  was curious to try them out. ;-)

Masque Reparateur Cream Mask:
From the jar: The Cream Mask Shea Butter designed to finish the dry, damaged & broken hair. It's formula ultra-rich with Shea Butter, nourishes intensely, in-depth hydrate, repairs & regenerates capillary fibre of the root of to the points. Smooth, sheath & glosses your hair with finds health & vitality.

My Experience: This mask is very creamy & goes onto my hair very well. However, I didn't reap much of a moisturizing benefit from it. Shea Butter is about the 12th ingredient on the list so I'm guessing that's why. After rinsing, my hair pretty much felt the same as it did before I applied the mask. It has a relaxing, nice smell to it though.

Combing Cream:
From the bottle: Without rinsing, the Combing Cream Shea Butter is a daily care which nourishes and hydrates capillary fibre, the product have nutritive properties and revitalizing action. It softens, protects, facilitates the disentangling and bringing softness and brightness.

 My Experience: Now, I like this stuff! Very moisturizing. This cream is excellent for my dry hair. I use it on wet & dry hair as a moisturizer. It works well on both. However, the 'combing' cream is not a 'detangling' cream at all. Just wanted to clarify this because the bottle summary & actual name may make some ladies think it's a detangling agent. It is not. Well, at least for my hair.

*Before heading out to Wal-Mart one day the hubs & after slatering my hair w/ the Combing Cream, the hubs remarked that my hair smelled good. So he liked it! ;-)*

Nourishing Shampoo
From the bottle: Very soft & creamy, the Nourishing Shampoo Shea Butter carefully washes & disentangles the dry, damage, & broken hair. It's formula rich in Shea Butter strengthens, revitalizes, & hydrates capillary fibre.You hair becomes very flexible, brilliant, & easy to comb.

My Experience: Great shampoo for clarifying the hair if you have a lot of build up. Didn't really moisturize my hair at all. The shea butter is way down on the ingredient list. I think it's no. 14. My hair was squeaky clean after using this shampoo!

I noticed that in all of the products, shea butter was very far down on the ingredient. Just a few ingredients from the last ingredient. Too far down to make that much of an impact on my hair. I was very surprised to see this as the whole line revolves around the benefit of shea butter. Also, the smell of this line is not overpowering at all. All of the products have the same nice smell to them. A big plus for me.


My next nuNAAT review will cover these 2....
Soin Reconstructor:
From the bottle: The Reconstucteur Shea Butter is a care conditioner enriched out of shea butter specially designed for the devitalized & breakage hair. It reconstitutes the internal structure of capillary fibre & reinforces the film of natural protection of the hair. The hair finds force and brightness without losing its flexibility & of it's sofness.

AntiFrizz Therma Active:
From the bottle: Revolutionist, the Antifrizz Therma Active Shea Butter smoothes carefully, sheath, & hydrate & glosses the hair. It facilitates the brush & protects the hair from the heat of the drier. The hair is smoothed, flexible, silky & luminous.

My Experience So Far: Still reviewing this because of my lack of heat usage! I will say this though. I mistakenly used this the other day thinking it was the combing cream & surprisingly my hair was very soft. I'll be using the Therma Active on my next few tension stretching sessions & maybe even when I flat iron next.

Let me know if you've tried nuNAAT! Oh & I just noticed that Walgreens is having a $2.99 sale online for the Karite' Special line! That's definitely a great deal if you've been wanting to try out the Karite' line for yourself. Click here for the link. Don't forget to check out your local Walgreens to see if there's an in-store sale as well.

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