Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Braid Out is Growing!

Last Friday, my husband and I went to check out our favorite hip hop group, Little Brother. They were perfoming in D.C. at the Black Cat. :-) So, the night before I did my usual braid out. Btw, I'm 10 weeks post today! I'll be relaxing in about 1-2 weeks hopefully. Anyway....Ya'll! The braid out came out perfect! My hair was so BIG. I'm finally getting to the Tracee Ellis Ross-ish hair (which is my goal). I want my hair to be that big when I do a braid out. Man, I was feeling my hair on Friday. It was a great hair day. :D These pics definitely don't it any justice. I wish I'd taken more outside.....
Look! :D
And I came from this....back in '07 I rocked twist outs mostly. My hair was shorter and the twist out seemed to create better curls for my hair. Now the braid outs are the business for my hair. ;-)
This is still one of my favorite hairstyles. Scratch that. This IS my favorite hairstyle. :-)
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** Ms. D** said...

I absolutely LOVE your braid-outs! They look sooo pretty!