Wednesday, November 24, 2010

4 Months Post! :-)

Hey ladies,

I've made it!!! I've been just waiting for that 4 month mark to get here (actually it's tommorrow). This is officially the longest I've ever stretched a relaxer. The time before this was 15 weeks last year in February & my hair looked like this! -_- So this time I was scared to see what they what my ends would even look like. At the same time, I didn't care because as you know I'm transitioning.

Transition Update

I've measured my new growth in various parts of my head & it's about 1-1.5 inches....and that's stretched! So the growth is coming along. It's crazy because I'm trying to calculate how much growth I'll get a month. That way I know when to chop off the relaxed ends. I think I'll be transitioning for 6-12 months (with emphasis on 6 & 9). I flat ironed this morning and the new growth is so curly it kind of dreads up when I flat iron. Don't know if that makes I'm managing the textures better now. It's a must that I section my hair to moisturize & seal.

Possible Bob? 
Yep....I might be cutting my hair in a bob. Not a really short bob...It would rest around my shoulders. Don't know when/if I'll be doing this. I'm gonna have to cut my relaxed ends off next year & cutting it in a bob will make it easier for me. I've already done a light trim....

Okay I'm off to finish cleaning up. I'll be posting my Thanksgiving hair on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving! :D

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