Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Hairstyle: French Twist & Twist Out Curls!

 This is the updo I rocked this weekend....and I'm still rocking it! All of these pics except for the one outside were taken in the Chevy Traverse.

Man, I love this updo. As you can see it's almost identical to the French Twist with Curls except these curls were created by a twist out not a bantu knot out. I also posted more french twist w/ curls photos on Facebook I think last week. Except this one was on a twist out. I did a video on on how to do it. Still editing it so when I'm done (should be today) I'll add the video to this post. Oh & check out our 1st Traverse video on Facebook! The hubs & I actually did the video on this day. :-)

Here's the video (finally!):

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